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Multiple fonts? The letter "d" and "p" look like Fortama but the rest look like Calibri with out the curved edges.

I aplogize in advance for my limited English. I need help to indenty the font(s) that use in this text. It looks like mutiple fonts were use but since i'm not fimilar with fonts, and per my google skill, i can only see a fimilar look with Calibri and Fortama fonts in there. Thank you.
asked by Tung Nguyen May 31, 2016

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answered by Tecnotronic Champ (4,086 points) May 31, 2016
edited by Tecnotronic Jun 4, 2016
Thank you. When i google this font i got direct to the Letterhead Font website and their American Sans Regular font doesn't really look like the one i posted, espeacialy the letter "g". Is it a Regular or somthing else? Do you happen to know the website where i can purchase this font?
You can't, it's a proprietor font of the brand, have nothing to do with the Letterhead fonts' typeface.
Thank you very much. I guess i will have to try The Sans font.
You're welcome.