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Robotech the movie. credits font

Screenshot 2016-05-27 10.27.16.png
Screenshot 2016-06-01 23.23.29.png
Screenshot 2016-06-01 23.23.45.png
screenshot from ROBOTECH THE MOVIE release date may 25th june 1986 (never in theaters outside of dallas texas (test screening)

please help me find the font
asked by darkspire17 (103 points) Jun 1, 2016

Some notes on this (and a related inline font) in this WTF thread.

1 Answer

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Here’s the very similar Checkmate. I wish I knew more about it than what I wrote on that Fonts In Use page. The Robotech titles might have used a modified version of Checkmate or there were other variations of the typeface.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,412 points) Sep 7, 2016