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It looks similar to Sanvito Pro; I am not certain that it is the font shown in the images. It is also not Priory, as the uppercase Q greatly mismatches the ones in the first screenshot.

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This is Sergio again. My question started with "sans-serif," but has an admin or a bot changed it to "calligraphic"?
I changed the title to be more descriptive. There was no "sans-serif" but I'm happy to add it now.

Thank you. Also, here is a link to Sanvito Pro for better comparison. I would appreciate it being proven the correct font or not; I doubt that the one shown is Tarquinius Pro because its "O" lacks a slight opening in the upper-left corner.

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Could be a very blocky Ondine.

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Yes, this is the correct font. Thank you both for your help.