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Monotone serif, reportedly from Fifties or Sixties

Someone sent me this sample from a Hardy Boys book and claimed it was fifty or sixty years old. This doesn't look like a font from that era to me. I have been unable to identify it and wondered if anyone here would recognize it. Thanks.

- Mike
asked by Bowfinpw (176 points) Jul 17, 2016

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Funny, I answered this request on two other sites. Your instincts about era were correct: this is Bookerly, the new Kindle font family. I guess the requester assumes the e-book is actually a capture of the pages as they were originally typeset.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,400 points) Jul 17, 2016
selected by Tecnotronic Jul 18, 2016
That's it alright. Thanks Stewf.


- Mike Yanega