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Font from Super Smash Bros Melee Character Select Screen

I've gone through and organized the fonts and enlarged them 10x. The original font is not meant to be pixelated.
asked by uncleiroh (101 points) Aug 15, 2015
I've always assumed Nintendo do their own fonts in-house. Perhaps there's a fan site where some keen enthusiast has made a replica.

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Font rendering is pretty complex, so many video games leave it out. Given that, and that the Gamecube had to render to a 480p TV screen, I would be very surprised if they used a real font instead of a series of square bitmaps laid next to each other. Further evidence: they're all the exact same height, the antialiasing looks hand-drawn, if you look at a full screenshot of the Character Select Screen, you can tell that there is no regular spacing between the letters- it depends on how many are letters are being squeezed into a line. So, if you took the images above from a full-resolution screenshot, you have everything there is to the 'font'.

That was one hell of a game though.
answered by Timbrelaine (191 points) Sep 25, 2015
edited by Timbrelaine Sep 25, 2015