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Has slanted shading or lines within the partially outlined letters similar to a crosswalk.

I created a logo for my driving school with the help of someone who does signs and lettering using Adobe Illustrator.  He has done work for me such as lettering my car but recently has been doing poor work and i am not happy as a customer.  He refuses to give me the files in order to use someone else to reletter my car since he messed up and wont fix it.  The logo is simple to reproduce as long as I can know what font was used in making it.  I dont know where he got the font from, originally I thought it was Adobe TypeKit, but i seem to not be able to find it there.  The most similar font I have found so far is Acier BAT Gris by BAT Foundry found in Adobe TypeKit.  The font is originally horizontal so all the bottom of the letters are on a horizontal line. We just tilted the image for a different look.  I am referring obviously only to the word: LESSONS.  The font is exactly that, we did not change the shading or customize it in anyway other than putting the word on an angle besides removing these little dots and lines that surrounded the letters.  The original font was reminicent of a blueprint style construction looking font before removing the additional dots and lines outside the letters.
asked by anonymous Aug 12, 2016
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