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Font ID: Hormel Black Label Bacon Logo

Can anyone identify the typefaces used for both "Black Label" and "Bacon" ? Thanks! :D
asked by pixelmama (103 points) Aug 17, 2016

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BACON appears to be Knockout 54 Sumo, by Hoefler & Co:

answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,550 points) Aug 18, 2016
selected by pixelmama Aug 18, 2016

I suspect the script is custom.


Thanks so much for your reply! I think you are right that the script for 'black label' is custom.

I found the .eps file for the logo at the Hormel Download Center. I was able to get a closeup look at the lettering. I think you are spot on with the Knockout 54 Sumo but it has definitely been modified: corners rounded and edges roughened a bit.

I appreciate you getting back to me. No replies anywhere else!