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I need help finding this bold, cute font.

I need help finding this speific font! I asked the user what the name of it was and she said it was "Fluffy love" but I've look for a couple hours now to find this font and I can't! I tried to ask her if she could email me the .tff file but she says she may not have it or doesn't know how to find it. She also said it was from a "1000+ free font pack" which I've looked for those too and haven't found much either.

So, if you can find the font or the actual name that would be really awesome!
asked by sharkudaku Sep 15, 2016
reshown by Stewf Sep 18, 2016

1 Answer

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BubbleGum by Thomas W. Ziller

answered by Schwalbenkoenig Expert (680 points) Sep 19, 2016