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Older 70/80s (?) serif typeface used in synthesizer manual

Looking for the typeface used in the body copy. It's familiar but I can't quite place it.

You can find a PDF version of the manual here:
asked by anonymous Sep 16, 2016
I hunted all the way through Jaspert's serifs and didn't see any very close matches. Polyphilus from Monotype was the neaerst, but didn't have the serif on top of the A, for one thing. Also no luck with Rookledge's TypeFinder. As I have made a specialty of Serif typefaces, this one is bugging me a lot.

Anyone else have any ideas?

-Mike Yanega
Not the correct answer for this thread. This is a serif typeface, which Chelmsford is not. Weird coincidence that both threads are about synthesizer manuals.

- Mike
Whoops! I'll ask Mark if he sees this serif in his catalog.

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