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Sample from Ella Sharp Museum print shop type case w/o a lable.

Case B Tray 4A Clipped 3.jpg
asked by PrinterMAC (104 points) Oct 3, 2016
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I reposted the original image. Sure hope someone can help ID the font.

3 Answers

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It appears to be a Clarendon style face, but given the quality of the sample hard to ID much further.
answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,550 points) Oct 4, 2016
Thank you for your help and quick response. Your response makes my efforts really worth while at the Museum. Much appreciated.
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If you exclude the "A" it looks like Century Schoolbook (Bold)

answered by fivosv Prodigy (383 points) Oct 4, 2016
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If you’re focused on the ‘A’ Law Italic has a similar swashiness, though it’s on the other side.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,412 points) Oct 5, 2016
I think someone mistook an fl ligature character for an A—it's so out of character with the rest of the alphabet, I disregarded it.
Ah, of course!