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Friedrich Neugebauer lettering


Hi everyone!

I'm guessing these are handlettered, but I'm wondering if he ever made any typefaces like this?

Or does anyone here know of any similar typefaces?

Some similar fonts I know of are:
Trojan by Alex Trochut
Roman SD by Steve Deffeyes

asked by pookeyblow (147 points) Oct 23, 2016

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Nice question, pookeyblow! For the first two images, check these out…

Various versions of Koch-Antiqua:


Schneidler was Neugebauer’s contemporary and they had some ideas in common:

(A text typeface that is similar in style to that lettering, but no digital version.)


(Reissued as Palatino nova Titling)

(Based on Ehmcke-Antiqua)


Your last image is slightly different, more directly calligraphic. See…


But the typeface that probably captures this spirit more than any other is the fairly new Frauen Roman, which was actually based on Neugebauer lettering.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,404 points) Oct 24, 2016
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Thanks! Some really great examples!

Newly released: another digitization of Ehmcke-Antiqua: Antiqua Roman.