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'Metropolitan Tabernacle' display type with decorative capitals

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Has anything like the 'Metropolitan Tabernacle' typeface been digitized? Or can you identify the style? I'm especially inserested in the decorative capitals, even if it's just images.

(Source is a collection of Sword & Trowel magazine editions, printed 1889. Viewable here: The large image I attached is page 397.)

asked by beltechi (102 points) Oct 28, 2016

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Minster, patented by Hermann Ihlenberg for MacKellar Smiths & Jordan, 1878.

Cincinnati Type Foundry’s 1882 specimen

1885 MS&J catalog

1897 ATF catalog

answered by Stewf Expert (3,357 points) Oct 28, 2016
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Incredibly fast. And accurate, of course. Thank you!

If you don't mind, how about the 'Office and Depot' type on the bottom of the page I attached?