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I was reading through “Types of their time – A short history of the geometric sans” by Ferdinand Ulrich when I spotted a gorgeous ampersand – simple but seemingly unique and stuck in the pre-computer era. I wonder if anyone has released a digital typeface containing an ampersand that sports a gap like that. My searches came up empty; not even Coming Together has such a glyph. FF Mark (which spurred the writing of the article) doesn’t have it either. I have not found a modern Rund-Grotesk, Saxo or Kristall-Grotesk. Any thoughts?

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Good hunting, James! I see EF has a variety of Kristall families.

Good catch, James. Should be an answer! Kristall and Rund are essentially the same typeface. Read a short bio at Fonts In Use:

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Kristall Now is similar:

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