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Block with small upper spur "cut outs" and serif; could be custom. Know what it's based on?

I know the "wings" on either end of the wordmark are custom, but I want to know what font it is based on. The closest I've found is Little John:
asked by bootscallahan (138 points) Nov 15, 2016

2 Answers

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It looks like it may have been customized based on an existing typeface such as Cintra Slab. On the other hand, it could have been custom made from scratch.

answered by John Lyttle Expert (552 points) Nov 23, 2016
Thank you! I think you're right.
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I believe this is based on City, available from Bitstream as Square Slabserif 711.


answered by Stewf Expert (3,370 points) Dec 31, 2018