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This is a picture of a name on a headstone. I am trying to match the font. The closest I could find was ITC Anima, but the R is not open, like in the name MEYERS. Any suggestions?
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This is a monument font called Special Roman 2, created as a metal type alphabet by the Spacerite company for use with sandblast stencil - likely in the early 1960's. It is also referred to as Barre Old Style.

Some monument design programs have proprietary versions of this font, but there are currently no commercial Truetype of OpenType versions available. I am however currently working on a version for the Monument Lettering Center.

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Nice to see you here mystery Monument Man! Thanks for your expertise. I'm looking forward to learning more about the templates and lettering styles that we're not familiar with in the print world.
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Gravestone inscriptions carved before 1980 are generally inscribed by hand. Stonecutters used a hammer and chisel, not a sandblaster. Sometimes they relied on templates or lettering guides, but rarely printer’s fonts as we know them. So, this is very likely not a font. If you can, I would hire a professional stonecutter to do your parents’ stone — a good craftsperson can replicate the existing style.

If you must use a font, there are several that have similar qualities, but none will match all the letter shapes:

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At least in North America, this is not really the case. Sandblasting was used for memorials as early as the 1870's, though it did not become fully adopted into the industry until around the 1930's. Now there are very few stonecutters capable of hand carving here, especially in granite. I agree though that it would be preferred!