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Script font similar to Mathilde Castleland?

Hi, any idea what this script font is similar to Mathilde Castleland as well please? Many thanks.
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asked by Pecan (162 points) Nov 21, 2016

2 Answers

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Respective by Måns Grebäck.

answered by Tecnotronic Champ (4,086 points) Nov 22, 2016
selected by Stewf Nov 22, 2016
You're awesome, thanks very much!
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It's probably the older version, the font was updated at October 01, 2015...
answered by Tecnotronic Champ (4,086 points) Nov 21, 2016
Ok sure, do you know if the older version is still available online? I can only seem to find the newer version. Thanks for the help.
Mystery solved... ;)