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Script letterwork for Carrie Harwood’s "Wish Wish Wish" blog

Hey, does anyone know if the script font used in this is available as a font? If not -  do you know a font that's similar?
asked by ad_davies (101 points) Nov 22, 2016
edited by Stewf Nov 23, 2016

1 Answer

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This is lettering by Corina AKA Cocorrina, not a font. I would advise hiring a lettering artist if you want a natural handwritten look. If you must use a font, tell us more about what you like about the script so we can best advise you. The irregularity of the strokes? Try Rollerscript. The rough marker/brush edges? Try Handelson. The ligature that keeps occasionally keeps pen on paper? Try Suomi Hand Script.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,370 points) Nov 23, 2016
edited by Stewf Nov 23, 2016

Recently did some work for an agency that was using this typeface; it might work as a subsitute if lettering would break your budget: