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Typeface for Urban Outfitters 2016 holiday logo and display typography


Urban Outfitters is using this 1970s/Romana/De Vinne-style type for their 2016 holiday logotype, website, and advertising. My assumption is that it’s custom, and some of the corners cut in what appears to be a rush job or purposefully wonky (see ‘s’, ‘y’) indicate that it’s not meant for the retail font market, but I want to be sure I didn't miss any existing fonts.

Similar, but not matches:



Superior Title

ITC Bernase Roman

asked by Stewf Champ (3,070 points) Nov 22, 2016
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Urban Outfitters designer David Wise confirms that it’s custom.

answered by Stewf Champ (3,070 points) Nov 22, 2016
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