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Upper-case, condensed, pointed serif... Similar to Serpentine

When I first saw this I though it it was similar to Copperplate Gothic, but I knew it wasn't. I've since explored Serpentine but that's not it either. It almost feels like some kind of amalgamation between Bank Gothic, Copperplate Gothic, Eurostile and Serpentine.


Help would be most appreciated.
asked by Simon Nov 25, 2016
Hi Stewf, sadly no source – this is the only sample I have. It's an embossed letterhead...
How old?
I don't have any specific dates, although I think the logo was created in the 60's or 70's by a print company in Bradford on Avon near Bath, called Defasio. They don't appear to exist anymore though.

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Dave Williams at Typophile identified this as resembling Tamil, and I confirmed that it looks like Tamil Medium. The typeface came in seven weights. It is shown in the Solotype Catalog on page 158 and full samples are shown in the "Sans Serif Display Alphabets" book by Dan X. Solo. The only digital version of this I am aware of is "Tamago" from Expresiv Fonts, which looks like either Tamil Black or Tamil Heavy.

- Mike Yanega
answered by Bowfinpw (176 points) Dec 5, 2016
Mike, you are a star! Thanks. And also thanks to Dave Williams.