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This is some types from 19th brazilian newspaper, name Correio Paulistano

anuncio 28.png
I am researching 19th jewelry stores advertisements in a brazilian newspaper, name Correio Paulistano, for my PHD research in Social History. You will find attached an example of jewelry store advertisement, that was published in 1888.

Thank you so much, an I am sorry for my bad english!

Valesca Santini

Sao Paulo, Brazil
asked by val santini (101 points) Nov 28, 2016

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The address line appears to be a variation of a style known as fat face. There are a number of similar digital revivals:

The decorated face used for Natal, Anno-Bom, and e Reis has been revived as Hickory (though the I appears to be inverted on your sample):

answered by kthomps5 Expert (2,546 points) Dec 1, 2016
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See also Circus and its revivals.