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Wide, comic brush sans

Blue Diamond 113016a .jpg
asked by leecrane18 (101 points) Nov 30, 2016
edited by Stewf Dec 1, 2016

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Try Filmotype Horizon as a quite similar typeface (when squashed). The »w« is the crucial point, though. Or try Filmoptype Havana as similar, too. 

EDIT: Thanks to Tecnotronic illegal knockoff deleted … 

answered by Schwalbenkoenig Expert (680 points) Dec 1, 2016
selected by Stewf Dec 2, 2016
Btw, Filmotype Havana has also a legit version:
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This is maybe Filmotype Hercules, not digitalized yet.

Well, it was more or less copied by ImageLine as Big Sky:

answered by Tecnotronic Champ (4,086 points) Dec 1, 2016