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To me this font looks like the dreaded Comic Sans . It appears on the cover of a Laserdisc - produced in 1988/89 and manufactured and released in 1990.

asked by Will Dec 2, 2016

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I think this is one of the A-series lettering styles shown in the Solotype Catalog on P.89. The one that seems to match closest is Arizona. Some of these have been digitized by URW, but many never were digitized. All of these were brush drawn vertical hand-printed photo-types in various weights and widths.

- Mike Yanega
answered by Bowfinpw (176 points) Dec 6, 2016
selected by Stewf Dec 14, 2016

Many of the Solotype designs you mention originated at Filmotype in the 1950s–70s. Stuart Sandler purchased the rights to digitize the original negatives and they have been making steady progress, improving on URW’s and other digitizations. Unfortuantely Arizona isn’t yet done. Here’s a sample from a 1970 Filmotype catalog:

Thanks Stewf, I know Stuart and it's good to know he has the rights to these. I understood that these probably didn't originate with Solotype, but it's good to know the source and that many of the Filmotype alphabets are being digitized. I'll have to bookmark that one.

- Mike Yanega