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I was told this was Agincourt 'True Type' but, after I saw a sample of Agincourt, I dont believe it.

asked by Yorkman Lowe Dec 14, 2016
edited by Stewf Jan 4, 2017
Can you scan or photograph a sample and post that? Also can you tell us how old the sample is, and where it came from (publisher or originator)?

We need to see it as a group, in order to confirm the ID that is given.

- Mike Yanega
I made a pdf of the flyer in question. The author maintained adamantly that it was Agincourt  but Ive seen Agincourt,  and the flyer definitely was not.

I can't see any way to attach or post the pdf to this comment. Please tell me how.
You can't attach PDFs here. Please link to the PDF hosted elsewhere or upload a screenshot.
I have a tif of the flyer in question, but it's 24MB.  Is that too big?  Or I can send  a pdf, but you dont normally accept pdf pages?   So how can I let you see the flyer & determine if the type is Agincourt ?
The web generally works with JPG, PNG, and GIF. PDF and TIF are generally print formats. If you use an app to convert your TIF to a JPG I am sure it will be much smaller.
I got your email, Yorkman. Image attached.

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This is Duc de Berry.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,372 points) Jan 4, 2017
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