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Santa Monica Pier Entrance Sign

This is the neon entrance sign to the Santa Monica pier, installed in 1940. I haven't been able to find answers anywhere else so I realize this is probably a tall order. I'm also guessing there's a good chance the sign is lettered, but I'm interested in finding similar typefaces to any and all of the four styles on the sign. Thanks for the help!
asked by smn (127 points) Jan 2, 2017

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Not exact matches, but FF Motel Gothic and Kimberley have similarities to ‹Santa Monica›, and Righteous has some similar letterforms to ‹Yacht Harbor›.

answered by Sander (211 points) Jan 3, 2017
selected by Stewf Jan 8, 2017
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See also FTN Mayo, Borgstrand, Outage, and Governor. And Kari for "Cafes".

answered by Stewf Expert (3,372 points) Jan 3, 2017