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Font from Space Invaders 64?

Have had no end of trouble trying to find the font used for the title and subtitle (on the back of the box) on the game Space Invaders as released for the Nintendo 64. No one seems to have exactly the same font, or if they do I've not found it. The closest I could find was F2F Czykago, but note the differences in the bowls of the R and P, as well as the slant on the N (nonexistent in F2F Czykago). Also, the spine on the S in this mystery font is slightly more angular, and finally, the C is clearly not the correct one. Any help in identifying this font would be greatly appreciated.
asked by Baphijmm (106 points) Jan 3, 2017

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Found it! The font is Modula Tall.

answered by Baphijmm (106 points) Jan 3, 2017
selected by Stewf Jan 8, 2017