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Helvetica-like bloated, rounded font from Gex64: Enter the Gecko

It's not quite Helvetica Rounded Black, but fairly similar; the text seems thicker, "bloated" in a sense. The box reads copyright 1998, so it must be something from that year or, far more likely, before. Thought it would be an easy font to find, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
asked by Baphijmm (106 points) Jan 4, 2017

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I have only found it as Masterly [(c) 1995 Solotech Design] or Washout [Copr.1993 RG Taber]

Note though that both look like clones and Solotech is already marked as a font-forgery company by Luc Devroye

So please be very carefull if you need a license for a commercial project. If somebody can find the original feel free to remove my answer.

answered by fivosv Prodigy (383 points) Jan 4, 2017
selected by Stewf Jan 8, 2017