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Deco font used in etched glass + renovation plans for 1939 theatre we just purchased

Have browsed hundreds of similar period/retro fonts, but cannot find one where the 'C' and 'O' are perfectly round + other fine details are included. Thanks for your assistance!
asked by Goyo Jan 9, 2017

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I don't think you will find an exact match, but Avenida is what I would use to recreate this. Just tweak the cross strokes, and use an O to make the C. Then the R is the only letter that would need some manipulating.

- Mike Yanega

answered by Bowfinpw (176 points) Jan 9, 2017

Agree that Avenida comes closest, but I would hire a lettering artist to replicate the signs rather than try to fake it with a typeface.

Agreed, and thanks for your suggestions!

Link to an additional image (sign on front of building). Am contacting the architects in charge of the remodel to see if someone had already done this work.

While it appears to be a font because there are repeating lettershapes, it could still be custom lettering. Architects also often used lettering templates for these kinds of plaques and signs — the shapes of which were never metal or digital fonts.

The only other font that comes close is Plaza.