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Hello esteemed fontmaniacs,

Looking for an outline font that has white infill, such as used in marking up photos. Outline fonts I've looked at use the photo as infill, hence defeating the idea of a font that can be used over both light and dark areas.

Sample attached.

Also is there an overall font family designation for this type of font?

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Your attachment did not show up, but is something like this what you're looking for?
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A single font is not technically capable of doing what you want on its own. Standard fonts can have only one color (black or white or whatever). This means that without modification the inside of an outlined font will always be see-thru. To add a fill to an outlined font you need software that can "paintcan" the interior, or layerable fonts (e.g. Industry Inc) that can be overlaid and colored separately.

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OK thanks Stewf, that makes sense. Getting too complicated for me at this time, will explore at some point.