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Was asked to help identify a typeface given the three letters. The closest I could find was Sahara Bodoni. It has very similar characteristics including the fact that all 3 letters are linked, however there are some differences as well. So I'm wondering if it's simply been altered a bit for the wordmark originality or is there anothr typeface that's similar with those changes? Any thoughts are appreciated.
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Hi Michelle! This is Pistilli Roman. There are a few digital versions (listed on that page), but none are great. This appears to be the free one from Claude P with its poor spacing. Note how cozy the ‘fy’ and then a big space between ‘yn’.

Alternatively you could go with Íñigo Jerez’s Poster, and some massaging of the letter connections:

The advantage of Poster is that there are two optical sizes. This is “Poster Monster” shown above, with very fine hairlines. The standard size has slightly heavier hairlines better suited to a logo — which normally isn’t shown so large:

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Excellent. I knew it was slightly off when I saw them in the same post together and knew that an expert eye would put me straight. Thank you!