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Condensed, Art Deco Display, in Dec 2016 GQ

GQ_Art Deco_Type.jpg
Condensed high contrast Art Deco looking font in Dec 2016 GQ, any ideas?
asked by helvetica bold (136 points) Jan 29, 2017
Found a .pdf of this issue online, but this letters in your picture are not used as font in the magazine, only as images / outlines. So from the pdf comes no answer for the font name.
I cant believe you guys are stumped! : )

Many magazines commission custom type, and GQ is no exception.

Bump, seeing if anyone has thoughts on this...?
You don't believe that it is custom?
GQ hasnt had a custom font made for them since what, Gotham? : )

And this was just a one off issue. I have a strong feeling this fotn will pop up.

I forgot if Titling Gothic was first made for GQ. It looks like they choose

fonts from off the shelf for the past several years (just very good ones).
HA, I finally found it! It was custom – you were correct! : )

Damn, shoulda put some money on this. ;)

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