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Latin serif and grotesque sans used in TRAFIC Magazine

I can't identify either typeface used throughout this (I think) student project. Help please?

Found here:
asked by smn (127 points) Jan 30, 2017

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The bottom picture (Détroit voit le bout du tunnel) is set in Sporting Grotesque


Similar but no match for the top picture (La Renaissance): Knif Mono, Gc16, and Gill Facia.

answered by Het Mes Expert (809 points) Jan 30, 2017
selected by smn Feb 3, 2017
Ah, thanks so much! Sporting Grotesque is really nice.

You're welcome.  This post on Be Discontinuous tumblr about "re-opening some old font project" is different from your example, but closer than the alternatives mentioned above.

See also here and here.

Much appreciated, thanks!
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The top is Charon, an ECAL student project by Matthieu Visentin.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,370 points) Feb 6, 2017
Aha, thanks!