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Hi again, i have seen this typeface in many albums and singles from 60's/70's, it seems to be an Alfred Roller inspired one, but i don't know if has been digitized or even the name, could you help me, please? Thanks!
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There are a variety of fonts based on this Alfred Roller lettering, but I can’t find a match for this yet.

(Franklin Photolettering, 1970s)
Digitized by Rebecca Alaccari as Jonah (Canada Type, 2005)

West Nouveau Compact (Dave West, ca.1970)

Mojo by Jim Parkinson (Adobe, 1996)

Versacrum NF by Nick Curtis (Nick’s Fonts, 2015)

, Zavier Leslie Cabarga (Font Bureau, 1997)

Wes Wilson by Keith Bates (K-Type, 2007)

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Thanks, Steve! Do you have the complete West Nouveau alphabet? I looks very similar to Urban, maybe Urban was inspired in West Nouveau that i think appeared also in the Psychedelitypes book from 1968.

Thanks for the reminder. I do have the Psychedelitypes catalog and have scanned this page. Not many more characters shown, unfortunately.

Update: Cave Grove recently identified this as Dreamline from Mecanorma:

Cave has published several uses of Dreamline on Fonts In Use. I have added a scan of the full glyph set here.

Glyph set of Dreamline, scanned from a 1974 Mecanorma catalog

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Thank you, that was my digitization of the font, i called it "Flames" because of a song by a psychedelic band called Leviathan and also because Hendrix' "Fire", but the numerals are not the originals and practically i digitized the font from 60's-70's albums and singles covers