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Question about accessing OpenType alternate glyphs

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You recommened Braveheart, which is the exact font im after but i dont get the glyphs with it and i dont know how to access them.  I use Indesign, does that help?
asked by yorkielove (103 points) Feb 14, 2017
edited by Stewf Feb 14, 2017

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Open up the »glyphs«-table (in: Window/Fonts & Tables) and choose the glyph you want …

(Don’t know if the above mentioned terms are correct in the english version of InDesign, I am using the german version. But I think you’ll find it … )

Or simply mark the glyph and choose the alternates from the now visible dropdown menu beside the glyph…
answered by Schwalbenkoenig Expert (680 points) Feb 14, 2017
selected by Stewf Feb 21, 2017