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This really look like Saloon Girl, but modified. Tear drops not angled, and spikes on the body different from Saloon. Anyone knows? Many many thanks.

asked by anonymous Feb 15, 2017

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Saloon Girl is just FontMesa's version of something older, probably an old wood typeface. The Solotype Catalog (p.16) shows a typeface called Roulette that is very similar. URW Wood Type also looks like the same basic design. The design for your HERITAGE REALTY lettering is somewhat more simplified, in the top of the A and the tail of the R, for example, and differs from both Saloon Girl and Roulette in those details. Whoever adapted it may have missed that the 'teardrops' should be angled.

I just think this is a modified adaptation of the same antique type style, done by another designer.

- Mike Yanega

answered by Bowfinpw (176 points) Mar 3, 2017

Good answer. See also Quentin, on which URW Wood Type appears to be based.