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Bold San Serif Font - Distinctive 'W' - What is this Font?


Round, bold San Serif Font - Distinctive letter 'W' and 'S'

What is this font?

asked by rhian.w (131 points) Feb 22, 2017
Can you tell us more about the source? Are there any other samples? If this is a logo it’s highly likely that it is custom lettering, not type.

1 Answer

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That S looks like it was cobbled together from two pieces that don't really make a proper S. The top of the S shouldn't lean out over the bottom on the left as it does. It's as if someone didn't like the S in Bauhaus and tried to make their own. The W looks like Bauhaus or Pump — one of the geometric Bauhaus-style fonts. The other letters could be from almost any heavy-weight Sans.

- Mike Yanega
answered by Bowfinpw (176 points) Mar 3, 2017