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Trying to ID the font in this logo from a 1990 staff handbook

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 22.15.31.png
That ampersand looks very distinctive, but I can't place it and various online indentifiers don't match it.
asked by prehensile (101 points) Feb 22, 2017

1 Answer

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The ampersand is almost like the one in Sacker's Square Gothic, but the angled extension needs to be made horizontal — a simple enough modification. The other two letters were from a squared sans style, with the lines added. I wonder why the spacing of lines in the D is uneven. Sometimes the ampersand is a merged 'Et', and maybe that's what they were going for, or maybe that was just going to be something unique about their logo.

- Mike Yanega

answered by Bowfinpw (176 points) Mar 3, 2017