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Need to match Headstone Font

Hi, Please help.

I need to match (as best as I can) this headstone font so that a stonemason can add an extenison to the inscription.
asked by Will Mar 6, 2017

1 Answer

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Headstones made before the DTP era rarely used fonts. They were lettered by hand. Sometimes they used pre-made lettering models, but not printer’s typefaces. If you can hire a proper stonecarver they can match this lettering. No font will get you close.

This is a beautiful inscription, by the way. Unusual lettering style that I haven't seen before. Where is it located?
answered by Stewf Expert (3,412 points) Mar 7, 2017
Hi Stewf

Thank you for this information.

The headstone is located in Berkhamsted (Hertfordshire, England)

Paul Barnes knows English headstone lettering. He could lead you in the right direction.