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a Fraktur, but which one?

searching for this one
asked by fontastique (151 points) Mar 7, 2017

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Can you tell us a little more about the source, e.g. date and context? I’m inlined to say it is not type. The closest typeface I can think of is Wallau. The image attached shows Dieter Steffmann’s freebie Wallau Rundgotisch Heavy, based on Wallau fett with uncial caps.

answered by Florian (233 points) Mar 7, 2017
selected by fontastique Mar 7, 2017
it's from a rock music shirt, will post a photo of it soon
thanks Florian
I see. Given the similarities in ‘r’ and also in some details of ‘m’, my guess would be that the shirt designer tinkered around with Wallau.

the other text is Garmisch rund, as far as i know

That’s correct. Garmisch Rund is one of several digitizations based on Weiß-Rundgotisch. Wallau came with another set of “deutsche” capitals. In that version, it is very close Weiß-Rundgotisch.

thank you Florian