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Vintage French enamel numbers

Hello all,

I’m trying to identify these vintage numbers. Is it hand lettered or do they belong to a particular typeface?

asked by Calabaça (113 points) Mar 30, 2017
Here's another that has that notch in the 5:

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It looks hand drawn (hand painted maybe), although there are numerous typefaces that are similar. Engravers MT Bold may be one of the closest matches, but it doesn't have the cutaway at the top of the 5.

MyFonts has a “more like” button that might be helpful to you:

answered by John Lyttle Expert (552 points) Mar 30, 2017

Hoefler & Company's Numbers: Strasse isn't an exact match, but does have a notched-top 5....

I had a suspicion that it was hand painted!  Thanks a lot for the answer and suggestions!