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This neogothic fontface appears on a D&D website as the ornate letter in Heading 1.

This font will replace the first letter of any text typed in heading one on I'm hoping to track it down.

I've dug through the CSS on the site and can't seem to find it, and my normal ways of finding out aren't turning up so well. If anyone has any information on this font, I'd love to know.
asked by Bart Apr 23, 2017
The CSS lists this:

.phb h1+p::first-letter

float: left;
font-family: Solberry;
font-size: 10em;
color: #222;
line-height: .8em;

You could try seeking a font called “Solberry” but there may be a chance it was custom made/modified and renamed for this website.

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The font’s actual name is Solbera Imitation.
If you want something similar with a larger character set, have a look at Aeronaut.

answered by Florian (247 points) Apr 23, 2017