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JAG PANZER band logos

2 logos from the 80s
band is searching for the font types
thanks for any info
asked by fontastique (153 points) Apr 28, 2017

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The 2nd one (red) is called "Camelot" (probably the Black or Extra Black Condensed weight), a font created at 1990 by the - now extinct - ScanVec foundry. You can find more about ScanVec at Luc Devroye site.

answered by fivosv Prodigy (383 points) May 2, 2017
selected by fontastique May 3, 2017
thank you
is there a speciemen available of this extra bold cut?
I know that both Camelot Black & Camelot Extra Black Condensed existed at some point as digital TTF fonts but I can't find any legitimate link to download or buy them now.
Does anybody know how to upload/attach images in a comment?

Is it possible to upload images here in or it has to be a link of an image in an external server?
image must be already online then you can link it here, embedded