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Capital Training – I'm happy with Stone Sales Bold for the word "capital" but can anybody id the font used in the word "training"

asked by CrocodileJock May 2, 2017

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I found it under the following names:

(1) "Sassy", "Sassy Font" or "Sassy Reg Plain" (no copyright tag)

(2) "Ross" - Copyright 1986 1995 Swfte International

I suspect that neither of them is the original font (SWFTE is a known font forgery company) and I can't find any legitimate buy/download link. I mention the names just in case somebody can find the original font name / font designer.

PS1: Please be *extra* carefull if you need to acquire a license for a commercial project as both of the above could be illegal clones of the original font.

PS2: "capital" must be Ocean Sans Bold (with a modified "i" and a bit expanded) available from Monotype & Adobe

answered by fivosv Prodigy (383 points) May 2, 2017
edited by fivosv May 2, 2017

Capital is actually Stone Sans Bold, as CrocodileJack said.