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Trunner MID font

Trunner font
asked by anonymous May 7, 2017

1 Answer

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A font called Chuzpah (the italic version) by CSA Fonts looks very close to your sample, but unfortunatelly I can't fnd any legitimate source for this font.

More info on CSA Fonts according to Luc Devroye site:


CSA Fonts

Commercial foundry selling these fonts: Cylinder, Goliard, Koten, Niles, Bigford (1999), Chuzpah (1999), Manzo, Tanek (1999), Valin, Gorgayse (1999), Paydirt (1999), Platon, Besonio, Biffin (1999), Gladhand, Lollop, Potsky (1999), Plookem, Flummox, Melvern, Mohan, ArchiveDingbats (1995, Charles Anderson), DailyGrind, FoodChain, JunkDrawer, Route66, SplitPersonalities. The company is doing the design and ad work for The French Paper Company which in turn is run by Jerry French. In the past, there were on occasion free fonts such as Bigford, but that practice was stopped. Typedia link.


answered by fivosv Prodigy (383 points) May 11, 2017