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What is the default font for the new Microsoft Word app for Android?
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Perhaps something like Segoe UI is close.

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You're right, James. I was thinking Google when I should have been thinking Microsoft. 

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Not surprisingly, Monotype was responsible for both designs.
they're all evil empires... :)
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Perhaps a progression of Noto Sans, which was a derivation of Open Sans.

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Hi Stewf,

I don't think that's it. There are quite a few differences from Noto Sans, and it's unlike the default Google app fonts on my Android 5.1 phone.

EDIT: On closer look, the two are similar. But there are differences (specifically, the lower-case k, bassline for J and Q, and the font-weight).
This is why I say a "progression". It makes sense that Google would continue to iterate on the Noto typeface as they did with Roboto and Open Sans. This does differ enough that it could have a new name, though.