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Typeface used for "...we're just as good as Identicolor!"

Unfortunately I don't know much about the actual source. I found this through a Pinterest/ spree here

A Google Image search brings up several covers of U&lc alongside it, so that could be something, or it could be misleading.
asked by Ryan Jul 25, 2017
edited Jul 25, 2017
Interesting! Tell us more about the source? I assume it’s from the 1970s or 1980s?

I've been going through as many U&lc issues as I have access to, and I've finally come across a 1985 issue for an ad that for Identicolor (not against). So that might place this in time a bit better?

more Identicolor

Hm, not sure yet, but the date does help. Most likely phototype. BTW, all the U&lc issues were digitized by Monotype a few years ago and are available via this Google search..

Oh great thanks! Please let me know if you stumble upon it. I'll do the same.

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