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Used by Aaron Draplin in his recent presentation. Not WPA Gothic, Liquorstore, or Outage. Anything closer?

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I just saw this development on Twitter. Draplin's typeface is now available. The whole story is told here:

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I contacted Aaron Draplin directly and asked him about the typeface.

He said the answer should go something like, “Draplin would not confirm or deny his involvement, creation, release schedule or design cues behind this mysterious font. That’s all you need to know. For now…”

If you're looking for something similar, how about Steelworks? It was designed based on a plaque that's just a few doors down from where I work in Winnipeg, Canada. Granted, it doesn't have that unique G that Draplin has.

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Ah, yes, it did seem likely he made it himself. Hope it's released soon. Has much more flavor than my WPA Gothic.

Now that DDC Hardware is available, what do you think of its flavor, Stephen?

Really nice. Definitely the kind of thing I was trying to achieve with WPA Gothic, but done professionally.