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I'm assuming it is EPSON Draft Condensed.

Is it correct? Where can i download it?
asked by anonymous Jul 23, 2015
Is this your photo? What kind of device produced the print?

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Good link from jamesmillner. Receipt machines usually have built-in fonts that are not available for use on desktop computers. I have a MyFonts album of typefaces similar to printed receipts which has a few not mentioned in the Stack Exchange discussion.

The two closest matches to your sample I can find are Hypermarket and Rysse.

answered by Stewf Expert (3,349 points) Jul 23, 2015
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this stack exchange answer is a good intro to the receipt font question.

The precise font might not be available at all (think of the opportunities for fraud). 

answered by jamesmillner Expert (1,352 points) Jul 23, 2015