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This unusual text is on a label reading Appalachian. It has "curvy" serifs. The horizontal lines are like swishes

I'm wondering if the font has been altered from it's original form. I am working on logo art for this customer and they want the text changed but the fonts have been converted to outlines.
asked by Julina 5 days ago
Thank you! That is the one!

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It appears to be the lowercase glyphs of Antique Shop Regular, by Letterhead Fonts.

The curved effect was applied after the fact, most likely in Adobe Ilustrator (Effect > Warp > Arc Upper).

Be sure to save an editable version of the file for future updates, and a copy in which the type is outlined (post warping) for use as the final logo file.

answered by kthomps5 (1,062 points) 5 days ago