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This is from a label on an antique Fisher Radio receiver from the early 1960s. The numbers may be from an alternate font, but the main text is similar to Sans Serif or Facile Sans.
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If the label dates from the early 1960s, we have to stick with typefaces that were available then (Microsoft Sans Serif and Facile Sans are out of the running).

Your sample seems to be a mix of typefaces. If the label was printed using moveable metal type, that may very well be the case.

Several letters and numbers are a good match to Century Gothic (4, 3, 9, S, N, C, E, 6, 8)

The Y, R, D, O, and K look like Helvetica.

The G isn't matching anything from that era that I can find, but it resembles a contempory face called Namani. Same goes for that 5, which resembles the contemporary face Choplin.

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I suspect you are right. That was the period when many printers using offset printing presses had graphics personnel who used Varitype machines to create the text where each letter was cut out and pasted at the desired spacing on a sheet and then photographed to make metal plates for the press. I worked for a printing department at a state agency at the time. Your suggestions may help me to recreate another label that has slightly different words and combinations of alpha numerics.

Thank you for your time and help.