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Nic Atomz Font.png
I have been searching thousands of fonts today to try and find the name of the one used for my company logo. I have had no luck so I'm contacting the pros. The "A" is unique as the center bar does not touch the left side. The "t" is unique as it does not contain a left side to it. The "x" is the determining factor but I have been unable to locate it. Please help.


EDIT: The picture attached contains two different fonts. The Nic Atomz is the font that I'm looking for. I wasn't able to upload the picture that contains the "x" that I was referring to in my original post. I could email it though.
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This is Sansation. it's a Google web font.
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Thanks Jamesmillner! I completely agree with you except for the unique "x", but I'm thinking a different font was used for that.